We are using the Mössbauer effect to study minerals, new (artificial) materials, magnetism, implantation effects and surface properties. One of our main activities is the development of different kinds of Mössbauer spectrometers. As one highlight we built a miniaturized backscattering spectrometer, which was sent to planet Mars as part of the scientific payload of NASA Mars Exploration Rovers.
News / Activities
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Extraterrestrial applications
Our instrument MIMOS II is part of the scientific payload of several missions to Mars (NASA, ESA, Roscosmos). It is operating on the surface of Mars for more than 9 years.
MIMOS II is designed for non-destructive materials analysis, which allows to study precious archeological samples without a risk of destroying them.
Industrial applications
Mobile and non-destructive materials analysis enables MIMOS II to provide simple and efficient quality control of raw materials or industrial products
Environmental applications
Our group is also involved in a number of projects related to environmental studies, such as soil analysis, aerosol particle monitoring, etc.

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